You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Q.I want to join the club, but I don’t know anyone.

  • A. Don’t fret. We’re here for you to welcome you to the club, and help introduce you to other runners with similar goals and training pace. Contact Melissa Hinton at or call 954-856-5500.

Q.How many miles should I be able to run before joining the club?

  • A. The NWBRRC encourages all runners of all levels to join. Although many club members run 6-20 (depending on whatever race they may be training for), many runners don’t train for particular races, and just run for fun and fitness. Our Tues/Thurs runs are typically around 1 hour or 4-6 miles. Saturday ‘Long Runs’ are typically between 6-20… so that is a good gauge. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Q.I won’t know anyone. How do I know who to run with so I don’t slow down the group?

  • A. We are a friendly bunch. When you show up, just introduce yourself, and we will always try to introduce you to someone who runs around the same pace.

Q.Where do you meet?

  • A. Starbucks parking lot, near Walmart on the Southeast corner of Holmberg and Coral Ridge Drive in Coral Springs near Heron Bay.

Q.What time do you meet?

  • A. Our ‘official’ run times are Tues/Thurs at 5 AM. Sat we meet at 5:30 AM. Also, ‘Like’ us on facebook (Northwest Broward Road Runners) to connect with members anytime you want to find someone to run with!

Q.What happens next once I join?

  • A. We will send you a ‘Welcome’ email and hopefully, you will join us to run! And for all of our other social events… You will get our monthly E-newsletters with club news to keep you in the know.

Q. What do I get with my membership?A.

  • A. Please go to our ‘Membership’ page for a long list of “perks’!

Q.Should I bring my own water?

  • A. On Saturday am, we provide water and Gatorade on the course. On any other day, you need to bring your own water.