Membership and Race Results

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL – Once again, we will be having early bird renewal and will have the price adjusted to reflect this starting on June 1st – June 30th.

SoBe Tri – Joe Gonzalez (2nd PL AG), Irina Ortiz

Star Wars Half – Tiffany Nardi

Westglades 5k – Melissa Schwartz (2nd PL F overall), Armand Grayvensteyn (2nd PL M Masters), Suzanne Windesheim (2nd PL F Masters). John Redmond (1st PL AG), Tracy Gaynor (1st PL AG), Denise Harrison (2nd PL AG), Kevin Quinn, Christine Lada, Corie Opdyke

Santa Cruz Half Marathon – Ann Bengtson (2nd PL AG), Gaile Valcho

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