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Fall Racing Season is Here!

Lets congratulate the following members on their accomplishments: Berlin Marathon – Linda Dickens Chicago Marathon – Shelbie Seys, Dana Moss, Tammy Meisel, Catalina Bonilla, Rebeca Rodriguez, Roberto Hernandez, Rich Silcox, Doug Eaton, Dana Moss, Kimberly Reyes, Suzanne Windesheim, Heather Wilkinson, Linda Dickens, Chi Hoon (Charlie) Lee Portland Marathon – Bob Capasso, Bev Capasso Parkland Dash […]

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Lot’s of exciting things going on in the club. I wanted to take a moment to welcome all the new members who have joined NWBRRC for what is now our 10th year. I also want to thank all of our renewing members for being a part of our group for another year. As we always […]

Dr. Cary Zinkin: A Simplified Guide to Plantar Fasciitis!

  While any experienced runner will tell you there are quite possibly hundreds of different aches and pains associated with long distance running, the one that has sent them running to their podiatrist most often is a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis (pronounced Fah-shee-eye-tis).  This “sore spot” with runners is often caused by biomechanical flaws […]


I have always maintained that runners are special. Ask anyone who lives with a runner and you will risk being subjected to a lengthy, heartfelt and even frustrated sermon about how special they really are. They disappear at all sort of unseemly hours and then come back home utterly exhausted but strangely elated. The only […]

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With some recent community feedback concerning running on the road I thought it appropriate to publish a few safety tips for everyone who gets this publication to see Wear your safety light. If you don’t have one please buy one. Wear light colored clothing to increase visibility Run against the flow of traffic in the […]

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A couple of quick shout outs of congratulations to the following members:  Weston Memorial Day 5K – Nicole Gerber, Maida Velz-Kopet, Pam Aks, Cindy Brown, Raquel Alderman, Annika Dworet, Mitch Dworet, John O’Connell Boca Memorial Day 5k – Kimberly Reyes (1st PL AG) Run for the Animals 10K – Gaile Valcho (2nd PL AG) DTR […]

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For this being the “off-season”, we have a lot of race results to report.  As always, congratulations to all of the following members on their accomplishments: Star Wars Half Marathon – Shelbie Seys, Andrew Lee, Melissa Lee, Kristen Kohler, Maida Velez-Kopet Cleveland Clinic 5k – Raquel Alderman, Annika Dworet, Mitch Dworet ALS 5K – Cary […]

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Another week, another group of us racing.  Congratulations to the following members on their accomplishments:   Disney Princess Half Marathon – Dana Moss, Celia Blandon The Dunes 50 Miler – Brian Keintz, Michelle Manley Run for the City 5k – Rocio Arnold (1st PL AG) Gasparilla Half Marathon – Shelbie Seys, Kelly Rainisch, Laura Lightboun,Alberto […]

The Comeback Trail…

February marks an annual event for NWBRRC that everyone does their best to attend. The Annual Beach Run sees the club transport its usual sweaty, tired limbed presence from the Starbucks on Coral Ridge to the Cove Parking lot in Deerfield Beach. A variety of runs are planned up to and around 10 miles. When […]

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We have been so busy racing and it’s about time to recap what great things we are accomplishing. Congratulations to the following members on their results: Run to the Rescue 5k – Melissa Schwartz (3rd PL F Overall), Chuck Medcraft (3rd PL AG), Doug Eaton Butterfly Run 5k – Dana Moss (1st PL AG),Michael Riedhammer […]