Membership and Race Results

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL – Once again, we will be having early bird renewal and will have the price adjusted to reflect this starting on June 1st – June 30th.

SoBe Tri – Joe Gonzalez (2nd PL AG), Irina Ortiz

Star Wars Half – Tiffany Nardi

Westglades 5k – Melissa Schwartz (2nd PL F overall), Armand Grayvensteyn (2nd PL M Masters), Suzanne Windesheim (2nd PL F Masters). John Redmond (1st PL AG), Tracy Gaynor (1st PL AG), Denise Harrison (2nd PL AG), Kevin Quinn, Christine Lada, Corie Opdyke

Santa Cruz Half Marathon – Ann Bengtson (2nd PL AG), Gaile Valcho

Important News!

Lots of results to report. Congratulations to our members for all of your accomplishments on the road, in the water, and on the bike:

Boston Marathon – Chi Hoon Lee
London Marathon – Linda Dickens
Gumbo Limbo 10k – Lauren Fuchs, Heather Nobler
Healthy Broward 5k – Cary Zinkin
7 Mile Bridge Run – Rebeca Rodriguez, Howard Helbein, Irma Robinson, Mimi Reeves
Mercedes Benz Corporate Run – Raquel Alderman
San Francisco Rock and Roll Half – Linda Dickens
Shake Rattle and Run 5k – Melissa Pariaug (3rd PL F overall)
Never Quit 5k – Raquel Alderman (3rd PL AG)
Disney Star Wars First Order Challenge (10k and Half Marathon back to back days) – Andrew Lee, Melissa Lee, Maida Velez-Kopet
Disney Star Wars Half Marathon – Christine Lada
South Beach Triathalon – Gineth Yibirin, Diego Velasquez, Lorena Velasquez, Laura Grajales
Deerfield Beach Aquathon – Tammy Measel (2nd PL overall)
Hutchinson Island Triathalon Relay – Heather Nobler (half marathon)


NWBRRC SPRING SOCIAL – SAVE THE DATE – Wednesday May 9th, Back deck of Deja Blue – Details and e-vite to follow so look for it.

BOARD ELECTIONS – IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN – OPEN HOUSE TO ALL CLUB MEMBERS ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6th, 730 PM at the home of Dana Moss 10645 NW 83rd Court – Creekside in Heron Bay (either the north entrance or Scary road entrance is fine). All positions are open and up for nomination. As previously mentioned, I am stepping down after 10 years as president. Also, I would like to thank Ann Bengtson, Tess Williams, Mark Darley, and Alana Miller for their service this past year as they are stepping down as well. Running for office is Dana Moss and Susan Frezer and Melissa Schwartz (thanks for your service this past year and continued involvement). We will have Treasurer, Secretary, and member at large positions open and encourage those that want to set a new course for the club to join our three board members listed above in doing so.

Personally, I want to thank Melissa and Ann in particular for hanging in there and partnering with me to make the club what it is today for our members. I could not have done it without you both and am very grateful that you both have been by my side through thick and thin.

I also want to, once again, thank all of you reading this as you put your trust in me to get the things done for the club to make your running experience the best it could be.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL – Once again, we will be having early bird renewal and will have the price adjusted to reflect this starting on June 1st – June 30th. Look for a reminder announcement toward the end of May.

Have a great week,

Jay Goldstein
Northwest Broward Road Runners

We’re on the Run!

Coral Springs Half Marathon: Jean Louis-Beaudonnet (1st PL AG), Mark Shachner (2nd PL AG), Catalina Bonilla (PR), Maida Velez Kopet (PR), Carrie Ann Strong, Michael Riedhammer, Andrea Medalie, Josh Halulko, Edna Tello, Walkiria Salem, Andy Espey, Deborah Johnson

Sunrise Half Marathon: Manuela Corrales, Maida Velez-Kopet

Race For Womens Wellness 5k – Steve Mesiano (1st PL AG), Juan Catoni (1st PL AG), Corinne Hoffman (1st PL AG), Diego Velasquez (2nd PL AG), George Spas, Jessica Riggs, Raquel Alderman, Lorena Velasquez, Kara Sisti, Celia Blandon

Egg Hunt Triathalon – Gineth Yibirin, Catalina Bonilla, Tammy Measel, Diego Velasquez

Egg Hunt Duathalon – Alberto Grajales, Fabiola Pepe, Kimberly Reyes

Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Race – Jay Goldstein

Race Results for March

We have some race results and important news for this upcoming weekend. First off, congratulations to the following members on their accomplishments:

A1A Half Marathon – Armand Gravensteyn

Five Points of Life Half Marathon – Natalie Atyeo

Disney Princess Half Marathon – Stephanie Rodriguez

305 Half Marathon – Roberto Rodriguez, Christine Lada

New Orleans Rock and Roll Half Marathon – Don Burgess

Roots, River, and Ruts Half Trail Marathon – Irma Robinson, Howard Helbein

Tour de Broward 5k – Corie Opdyke (3rd Pl AG)

Skyway 10K – Tracy Gaynor

Fort Lauderdale Shamrock 4 miler – Maida Velez Kopet

Shamrock Run 10 miler – Andrea Medalie, Mark Shachner

Las Olas Sprint Duathalon – Catalina Bonilla, Kimberly Reyes, Rebeca Rodriguez, Lorena Velasquez, Heather Wilkinson

Las Olas Triathalon – Gineth Mendez Yibirin (1st PL AG), Joe Gonzalez (2nd PL AG), Corinne Hoffman, Andrew Lee, Melissa Lee, Juan Catoni, Diego Velasquez, Roberto Hernandez, Irene Ortiz, Kevin Quinn, Ivan Rodriguez, Sergio Yibirin, Bryan Van Solt, Fabiola Pepe

Congratulations to the following members

A1A Marathon – Jean Louis Beaudonnet (2nd Pl AG), Willie Torres, Laura Grajales, John O’Connell, Brian Keintz, Howard York, Anne Carroll

A1A Half Marathon – Kimberly Reyes, Alana Miller, Maida Velez-Kopet, Kevin Quinn, Rocio Arnold, Edna Tello, Debbie Meitz, Tracy Gaynor, Kim Wolman, Catalina Bonilla, Mimi Reeves, Rebeca Rodriguez, Irma Robinson, Paul Millman, Lee Bernstein, Kristen Alba, Joe Gonzalez, Huaina Classons, Fabiola Pepe, Deborah Johnson

Publix Ft Lauderdale 5k – Maida Velez Kopet (1st PL AG)

Five Points of Life Half Marathon – Tim Atyeo, Caroline Atyeo

Annual Beach Run

Saturday, February 10th at 5:30 am

A change of scenery does a runner’s body good!

  • Meet at The Cove Shopping Center on Hillsboro Blvd just east of Federal Hwy.
  • Coolers will be out on Palmetto and A1A (3 miles).
  • A1A to Spanish River Park and back – 10 miles in total but you can turn around anytime
  • Bathrooms – golf course about 3/4 mile up from the water stop.
  • Bagels and coffee for everyone at the start/end point.
  • For those staying out west we will ONLY have the coolers out at Holmberg and University

Everyone is off to the races in 2018

We have a bunch of races to report as we have a number of our members putting their training into action. Congratulations to the following members:

Sandspur 50k – Howard Helbein

Shooters 5k – Raquel Alderman

Boca Raton 10k -Luis Vera

Disney Half Marathon – Don Burgess, Deborah Johnson, Michael Riedhammer, Maida Velez-Kopet

Key West Half Marathon – Paul Millman, Alana Miller

Naples Half Marathon – Ann Bengtson, Linda Diamond, Kim Wolman, Cliff Goldstein, Mitch Ryback, Fabio Tylim, Andrew Lee, Melissa Lee, Melissa Meyer, Melissa Pariaug, Heather Nobler

Vista View 360 – Individual – Howard Helbein, Relay – Dana Moss

Brandon’s Run 5k – Maida Velez-Kopet

Steps for Life 5k – Katie Skopp

5k for Kids – Kimberly Reyes (2nd PL AG)
Lots more racing going on this past weekend in Miami and other parts. Congratulations to the following members on their accomplishments:

Sky Dive Ultra 100 miler – Irma Robinson (3rd PL F overall), Mimi Reeves

Miami Marathon – Kim Wolman (1st PL AG and BQ), ChiHoon Lee (2nd PL AG), John O’Connell, Melissa Pariaug, Ann Carroll, Jill Katz, Doug Eaton

Miami Half Marathon – Andy Espey, Nicole Hall, Debbie Meitz, Kim Sundberg, Dana Pincek, Christine Lada, Susan Frezer, Sadie Howes, Nicole Gerber, Raquel Alderman, Denise Harrison, Corie Opdyke, Tammy Measel, Willie Torres, Peter Firestone

New Year, New Race Results

From myself and the board we want to congratulate you again on your running accomplishments this past year and wish you health, happiness and successful running in 2018.

Congratulations to the following members on their accomplishments:

Delray Jingle Bell Jog 5k – Kara Sisti, Denise Harrision

Ft. Lauderdale Jingle Bell Jog 5k – Nicole Gerber, Raquel Alderman, Cary Zinkin, Kristin Alba

Original Ft. Lauderdale Jingle Bell 5k – Jean Louis Beaudonnet (1st PL AG), Michael Riedhammer (2nd PL AG)

Lace Em Up on the Levee 10K – Irma Robinson (1st PL AG), Catalina Bonilla (3rd PL AG), Kevin Quinn, Bryan Van Solt, Helena Redshaw, Rebeca Rodriguez, Celia Blandon

Boca Raton 5k – Dana Moss (2nd PL AG & PR), Kara Sisti

Boca Raton 10k – Manuela Corrales, Christine Lada, Sharamy Angarita

Happy New Year,
Jay Goldstein
Northwest Broward Road Runners

‘Tis the Season…for Racing!

Congratulations to our members!

Manny Mair and One to One Fitness on Soldier Rush – Manny and his team had over 1100 participants and raised over $7000 for the cause.

Miami Man International Distance Triathalon – Fabiola Pepe (PR), Kimberly Reyes (PR)

Coral Springs Run to Remember 5k – Melissa Meyer (1st PL F overall), Melissa Schwartz (3rd PL F overall), Armand Greyvensteyn (1st PL AG), Jean -Louis Beaudonnet (1st PL AG), Chuck Medcraft (2nd PL AG), Sadie Howes, Ryan Steuber, Maida Velez-Kopet, Christine Lada

Flanigan’s Rockin Rib 10k – Catalina Bonilla (3rd PL AG), Nicole Gerber, Kimberly Reyes, Doug Eaton, Raquel Alderman, Susan Frezer, Lee Bernstein

Tamarac Turkey Trot – Melissa Schwartz (1st PL AG), Robin Campbell (2nd PL AG), Catalina Bonilla (3rd PL AG), Alessa Hachigian, Nicole Gerber, Kimberly Reyes, Manuela Corrales, Huaina Classens, Melissa Pariaug, Fabiola Pepe, Maida Velez-Kopet, Chris Miller, Armand Greyvensteyn, Doug Hoffman, Tammy Measal, Yuu Soubra, Jean-Louis Beaudonnet, Kristen Alba, Stephanie Rodriguez, Andrew Lee, Melissa Lee, John Mehew, Tracy Gaynor, Sergio Yibirin, Jay Goldstein, Doug Eaton, Corie Hoffman, Raquel Alderman, Susan Frezer, Cliff Goldstein, Denise Harrison

Space Coast Marathon – Hector Mayol (BQ), Andrea Medalie, Mark Shachner

2017 Turkey Sprint Tri – Kara Sisti, Huaina Classens

Ironman Arizona – Debbie Meitz

Fall Racing Season is Here!

Lets congratulate the following members on their accomplishments:

  • Berlin Marathon – Linda Dickens
  • Chicago Marathon – Shelbie Seys, Dana Moss, Tammy Meisel, Catalina Bonilla, Rebeca Rodriguez, Roberto Hernandez, Rich Silcox, Doug Eaton, Dana Moss, Kimberly Reyes, Suzanne Windesheim, Heather Wilkinson, Linda Dickens, Chi Hoon (Charlie) Lee
  • Portland Marathon – Bob Capasso, Bev Capasso
  • Parkland Dash 5k – Michele Anthony(1st PL F overall), Melissa Schwartz (3rd PL F overall), John Oconnell (1st Male Master), Melissa Meyer (1st F Master), Chuck Medcraft (1st PL AG), Raquel Alderman (3rd PL AG), Annika Dworet, Denise Harrison
  • Parkland Dash 5 Mile – Alex Birchenall (2nd PL M overall), Andrea Medalie (1st PL AG), Mitch Dworet (1st PL AG), Laura Grajales (1st PL AG), Mark Shachner (2nd PL AG), Michael Riedhammer (3rd PL AG), Corie Opdyke, Christine Lada, Stephanie Rodriguez, Laura Lightbourn
  • Augusta 70.3 – Debbie Meitz (PR), Ivan Rodriguez
  • Ironman Chattanooga – Alana Miller, Paul Millman, Manuela Corrales

SHIRTS AND SWAG – We will start to distribute the shirts and swag bags beginning THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, between approximately 7a – 8a and continuing after that for the next two weekends. We want to get the shirts out as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy wearing them as well as racing in them.

REMINDER – MEET THE BOARD SOCIAL – Sunday, October 15th from 5p – 9p on the back deck of Deja Blue Restaurant in Parkland. You should have received the e-vite. Please respond as quickly as possible. If you did not receive it and want to go contact me or any of the board members as quickly as possible and let us know you will be joining us. If you want to stay for dinner it is strongly recommended that you make a reservation ahead of time.

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT – tentatively scheduled for October 28th. Details to follow but we are working with Runners Depot to make this a fun event and originate the Saturday run from the store.

Speaking of sponsors we are happy to make you aware of a fun night of comedy to benefit a charity near and dear to one of our sponsors, Beth Laggan, from Charles Rutenberg Realty – The event is taking place on Thursday October 19th at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino. Check out the website and enjoy a great evening

Have a great rest of your week,

Jay Goldstein
Northwest Broward Road Runners